2019 Chattahooligan Supporter Council

It’s time for the annual Chattahooligan Council transition, and we’d like you to be a part of it this year by selecting new members of the council, potentially including yourself!

In 2018, the Chattahooligan Council was formed to help with better cross-project team collaboration and to provide more oversight on the finances of our organization, allowing for more people to have a say in the day-to-day operations. Learning from this past year, the 2019 council will consist of 18 members: 6 chosen as representatives of the project teams, 6 at-large members appointed by the project team reps, and 6 at-large members elected by the Chattahooligans, which is where you come in:

First, if you would like to be on the Chattahooligan Council, please fill out the application at the link below. The nominating committee will review the applications to ensure all those applying understand the position. All applications are due by 11 PM on February 3rd.

Second, everyone in this group of Chattahooligans will get a chance to vote in 6 members of the Council at the Chattahooligan Summit on February 9th, and you must be present to vote. Depending on how many applications are received, time will be given for each candidate to speak to help the general body select its representatives on the council.

All are welcome to apply, no matter if this is your first year in this group or you have been around for all of CFC’s 11 years. Remember, COME AND JOIN US!!!

At this point, the 2019 Chattahooligan Council consists of:
Shelly Nicole Ayers – Tifo
Andrew Bresee – Travel
Phil Evans – Tailgate
Galen Riley – Communications
Eric Young – Noise
Taylor Zoghby – Merchandise
Bill Bolen – At Large
Ashley Wolfe Evans – At Large
Paulina Hartney – At Large
Jamey Hawkins – At Large
Topher Kersting – At Large
Octavio Mingura Jr. – At Large
[Your name here…] – At Large

Link to application: