The Chattahooligans are an independent supporters group for Chattanooga Football Club. CFC is our passion. We care about our community and our city as much as our club. We boast a culture of inclusivity where all are welcome. We make hospitality a priority. We are excellent to each other.

Come and Join Us

The pandemic has put the world on hold, but slowly we are returning to normalcy. Come be a part of this amazing community we continue to build!. No dues, no memberships – all you have to do to join is show up and cheer for the Blues. But there’s so much more to us than that!

The Chattahooligans’ operations are conducted by Project Teams that each serve specific functions. These teams include and are not limited to: tailgates, merchandise, tifo, and more. If you have a grand vision for what our community can become, if you don’t but you can contribute a few hours to the cause, or if you are somewhere in between, please sign up using this form and get involved!

We also organize a host of field trips, meetups, and charity events all year, as well as the Chattahooligan Social Hour series. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information and updates.