Songs & Chants

The Chattahooligans are famous for our ambitious, ever-changing song list. We are simply the best in the business.

But don’t be intimidated- there’s an app for that! The Chattahooligan Hymnal is our living, breathing library of songs, available both in your pocket and in your heart.

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We’ve also taught the app a number of handy tricks.

Always Up to Date

Our song/chant writing team updates the server before every single match, so your app will always have the latest and greatest songs.


We hold “choir practice” before every match. Our capos can beam the lyrics to new chants right to your phone so we can all learn together.


The Chattahooligan Hymnal also contains an accurate roster, so you’ll know which of our heroes wears which number. Plus, learn the unique songs for every player.

And More

The app features quick access to our various social media accounts, merch store, an event calendar, various CFC podcasts, and links to the league standings. We also post news updates directly to the home screen and occasionally via push notification.


Search for “Chattahooligan Hymnal” on your phone’s app store, or use the links below. It is totally free to download and use, and we don’t store or track any information about your personal identity.

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

Looking for something a bit more tactile? We offer a printable songbook as well.

Can You Help?

The Chattahooligan Hymnal is created by Chattahooligans, for Chattahooligans. We are looking for designers and developers (React, MongoDB) to help build out an ambitious road map of features. If you can contribute to the project, or just have feedback, please hit us up via email at or DM @hooliganhymnal on Twitter.