Community Involvement


In 2015 the Chattahooligans and Chattanooga Brewing Company partnered to produce the Chattahooligan Lager. While many soccer seasons have passed and the Chattahooligan Lager has had several iterations, it remains a matchday go to! Have one at Chattanooga Brewing Company to celebrate a win or mourn a loss, or grab a 6 pack at your local store to drink anytime! It’s available on tap all over town – and a portion of the proceeds go to support our Youth Soccer Initiative. 

Mindy’s Deli

The Chattahooligan Sandwich started with an idea, and a competitive streak. Chattahooligan Lucha Nooga, err Jeff Perry, entered himself and the Chattahooligans into a sandwich making contest alongside many other brilliant culinary minds in 2016. Turns out, Lucha had the best sandwich, as voted on by Chattanoogans with their purchases. It remains on the menu to this day, and a portion of every sandwich sold goes to support our Youth Soccer Initiative.

Dogs For Dogs

Dogs For Dogs is a fundraiser benefiting the Humane Educational Society where we utilize the Match Day tailgate, and we coordinate with the Humane Educational Society to have adoptable dogs of all sizes and ages for all who attend to play with and get to know while we serve hotdogs to the masses. We love finding new ways to invest in our city, and this fundraiser not only provided financial support for the Humane Educational Society, but also raised awareness to the growing need for pet adoption in Chattanooga.


In 2019 local entrepreneurs founded a drive thru coffee operation called (BE)CAFFEINATED. Soon after, the Chattahooligan Latte as a menu item was born. White chocolate, caramel, and a hint of section 109 on gameday – it’s perfect and a top seller. Fast forward to present day and (BE)CAFFEINATED has multiple locations, is a full fledged CFC partner, and continues to support our Youth Soccer Initiative with a portion of the proceeds of every Chattahooligan Latte sold. A true Chattanooga success story.

Youth Soccer Initiative

The Chattahooligans are committed to improving our community through soccer. We do this in two direct ways – access and coaching. Soon we hope to add a third piece – refereeing.

Operation Get Active

Operation Get Active is a health initiative and after school program that uses the game of soccer to encourage Chattanooga’s youth to live active, healthy lifestyles. Operation Get Active aims to inspire and educate children across Chattanooga in the importance of health, fitness, and nutrition, while strengthening their skills in teamwork and leadership.

Each year we raise at least $4000 to sponsor Operation Get Active’s coach jerseys. OGA has coaches throughout all of the Chattanooga area, providing safe, inclusive and fun soccer sessions at schools and community centers and we love seizing the opportunity to support our coaches by taking the burden of jersey costs off their shoulders. Listen to what their coaches have to say about it. You can be a part of it by donating here – and let them know the Chattahooligans sent you.

Chattahooligan Scholarship for Coaching Education

The Chattahooligan Scholarship for Coaching Education provides formal federation training to Operation Get Active and Chattanooga FC Academy coaches who exhibit aptitude for coaching, passion for the development of young players, and a commitment to the future Chattanooga Football Club. This first of its kind scholarship results in positive outcomes for every athlete that trains with the academy, and unlocks a desire deeply held by we Chattahooligans. Simply put; We are eager to cheer on hometown superstars under the lights at Finley Stadium.

Coming soon…Chattahooligan Scholarship for Refereeing Education

The Chattahooligan Scholarship for Refereeing Education provides formal training for referees.

Referees don’t have an easy job, especially at the youth levels. We hope to improve access to training and courses for referees, as well as social media campaigns to increase awareness for parties who might be interested. If you have ideas on how to make this happen, please email us!


Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters who raise money for local LGBTQ charities every June. The Prideraiser project has recorded more than $425,000 in pledges to local charities across the country.

Every June, the Chattahooligans support local LBGTQ charities by pledging money for every goal CFC scores. Join us! Support your local club and support your local cause. Learn more at