Stand Up for CFC


Our Chattanooga USL D3 Explainer explores many of the topics regarding the ongoing situation with soccer in Chattanooga. Still have questions? Let us know and we will update the document.


The Chattahooligan Rapid Response team may direct targeted letter writing campaigns, public appearances, or something else to be determined. Sign up using this form.


Lobby Local Businesses
As corporate sponsorships and partnerships are necessary for all sports teams, supporters signed and mailed 100 postcards to lobby local businesses on the day the invader franchise was officially announced. [Learn more.]

We’ve now created a page sized version of that message that you can print at home and put in the mail. Click here to print and here (coming soon) for a list of potential addresses.

Letters to the Editor (Utah)
Bob Martino of the recently-registered Martino Sports Enterprises LLC, owner of the Utah team, is covered by the newspapers in the list below. Write a Letter to the Editor with your message to the people in his community. Here is one example.

  1. Park Record (300 words max)
  2. Deseret News (200 words max)
  3. Salt Lake Tribune (200 words max)

Letters to the Editor (Chattanooga)
Share your thoughts with other Chattanoogans. Submit a Letter to the Editor in the TFP or at

  1. Chattanooga Times Free Press (submission instructions on page, 200 words)


City Council
Chattanooga City Council meets every Tuesday. At the conclusion of the main agenda, there is a period for public comments where city citizens can speak for up to five minutes on any topic. Here is one example.


Wear your Chattahooligan or CFC gear around town. That’s the easiest way to engage in a conversation.
Need some swag? Visit our online store, and we’ll ship some to you! Our “Club, Period” scarf and “One City, One Club, One Love” shirts are now on sale.

Reserve your Seat

CFC ain’t going anywhere. Buy your ticket to both the 2019 Women’s and Men’s squad home opener for just $5. Or, buy a ticket to donate to a worthy cause.
Visit the CFC ticket store.